High Standards Guaranteed

While no industry or legislated requirement exists - like the rest of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections' practices, we set our standards very high. Our company carries Errors and Omissions and Liability Insurance, whereas many home inspectors are not insured at all.

We recommend that no one ever use an uninsured inspector. 85% of Home Inspectors are not insured. A Buyer’s Choice South St. Lucie County is.

Certified Home Inspector

David & Christopher Renne - St Lucie County Home Inspectors

David & Christopher Renne

Your Buyer's Choice home inspectors in the South St. Lucie County, Florida area!

Need a Home Inspection in South St. Lucie County, Florida? David & Christopher Renne of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections are waiting to serve you! David & Chris are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of home inspections. Whatever inspection services you need, they are fully qualified.

A Florida licensed and full service home and commercial real estate inspection service in St Lucie County, FL. The father and son team of David and Christopher Renne provide their clients with the most inclusive guarantees in the market including "Buy Back Guarantee", $1,000,000 in E and O insurance, 5 Year Roof Protection Plan, 90 day Warranty on the property's structural and mechanical, coverage on normal wear and tear on water and sewer lines and mold not found during inspection. All included at no additional charge.

David & Christopher's Services

Davis & Chris offer a complete range of building and home inspection services.

  • Are you buying a new home? Check!
  • Acquiring a commercial property? No problem.
  • Thinking of selling your home? A Pre-sale inspection can help with that.
  • Additional services include Wind Mitigation, and 4 Point inspections

In addition to our warranties David and Christopher provide their clients with Recall Chek - automatically registering the home's appliances for continued review in the event any of them come under a recall. All at no charge. Additional services include Concierge treatment of your move where we notify suppliers of services such as cable, telephone, etc to turn off at the old home and turn on at the new location. And if any children in the family have a resistance to a new house we provide a Monster-Free Guarantee complete with certification that there are no monsters in the house!

Whatever building or home inspection services you need, give us a call. We're happy to help! We offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs. Contact us today!

If you're not in the South St. Lucie County area, don't worry, chances are there is A Buyers Choice in your area.